Department of Management Sciences


Management Sciences

Department of Management Sciences is one of the major departments of UOJ with world class faculty. In BBA programs, the Department is offering specialization in Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Supply Chain Management.

The faculty focuses on incorporating advanced and interactive teaching methodology which adds practical knowledge, innovative term projects, research paper writing, case studies, update market information that keep students up to date. It polishes the students as well as increase employment opportunities. Course outline is designed in order to provide the aspiring students a platform that updates them about the competitive business environment in which both the private and public sector operate. The courses mainly focus to provide the students about the analytical and operational talents required to solve a business problem in any sector. It also offers flexibility for the students to specialize in emerging areas. Once they pursue these courses, the study in these areas offers them a wide range of career opportunities. Through these courses they will get a foundation in the business operations in all aspects.