Department of Art & Design


Art & Design

Art & Design Department started in 2005 under the supervision of Mrs. RimzaSikandar.The department attracted many students not only from Jhang but also from its suburb areas. The main purpose to start this department was to save the value of dying crafts and craftsmen of Jhang as it has been famous for its crafts. This degree is enabling students to make and sell their own products from their homes and to work in field of textiles whether its industry or academia many students are working in reputable brands in Pakistan.


Our vision is to represent the diverse artistic traditions, for the inspiration and education of the public in accordance with our profession’s ethical standards and practices. The mission of the Department is to formulate an artistic and educational community that values creativity, innovation, and conceptual tracks in Art & design.


The Art & Design is an innovative honors degree program that offers learning opportunities in multi fields of art. This degree is suitable for a wide range of professional needs in visual cultures. The students are encouraged to think, create and reflect. They are prepared to play an active role in industry and academia. In a small town like Jhang, people will be motivated to think about art and design by having this discipline in their city.

Degree Programs

There are two major programs offered by Art and Design department namely Textile Design and Visual Arts. Our curriculum is designed to make students learn about the history of textiles as well as the theoretical concepts of aesthetics, western and South Asian Arts and touch that underlay the field .We train our students develop an understanding of texture, colour Pattern and Design. The department has an environment where Students enhance their artistic skills in sculpture, ceramics, weaving, Calligraphy, photography, drawing, painting, printing and learn good communication skills, presentations and explore various painting mediums and techniques of textile manual and computer design.

Eligibility Criteria

Intermediate/A level with or without Fine Arts
Minimum 2nd division
With or without, Drawing test & interview

HOD's Message

The department of Art & Design has a great focus on quality of education. The purpose is to seek and nurture the inner creativity of students and allow originality to grow. Here professionals are prepared with refined thought process and advanced skills supported by modern-day technology and soft wares, so that students can compete at national and international level. The students are positively participating in different art seminars, workshops, exhibitions and Art competitions at National and international level. The graduates are contributing a strong role in the field of Textiles and most of them are working in multidisciplinary fields. The department is working efficiently since 2005 and is still contributing in the financial and academic development of the females of Jhang.