Scholarships and Fee Concession


The scholarship opportunities help the academically sound and deserving students to have an access to higher education by acknowledging their achievements. At present, there are a good number of undergraduate students at College of Arts & Sciences, University of Jhang who are availing various scholarships like Ehsaas Scholarship, PEEF, PAK-USAID, HEC Need & Merit Based Scholarship. The scholarship office assists and informs the deserving students to avail such financial opportunities.

Recently, University of Jhang has been included in the participating Universities’ lists offering HEC Scholarships. All HEC Financed Scholarships for BS/MS Programs would be now available for the students of University of Jhang.

Details of Scholarships

EHSAAS Undergraduate Scholarship Program
  • EHSAAS Scholarship was first time introduced by Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan in 2019. This scholarship is meant to provide financial assistance to 4-5 years undergraduate degree programs. In Phase-I, 50,000 undergraduates scholarships were announced of an amount of Rs. 6 billion annually.
  • This scholarship program has special focus on female education, 50 % scholarships are reserved for females students only across Pakistan.
  • This scholarship also provides financial support to physically challenged students, 2% of the scholarship is reserved for this category. This scholarship covers the university tuition fee and stipend for 4- 5 years undergraduate degree program.
  • Around 138 students of various departments at College of Arts & Sciences are currently availing this scholarship.
Pak-USAID Merit & Need Based Scholarship Program
  • The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in partnership with Higher Education Commission (HEC) is offering scholarships to the financially disadvantaged students to study Business Administration, or Social Sciences. This scholarship covers the tuition fee, books, Boarding & Lodging, transportation and other academic cost.
  • Presently, 04 students from English Department at College of Arts & Sciences, University of Jhang have been awarded this scholarship in financial year 2018-2019.
Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF)

PEEF is proactive scholarship scheme which provides scholarships to the needy and talented students of Punjab and other provinces including AJK, FATA, and Gilgit Baltistan. It offers financial assistance to ICT enrolled students at graduation level. The per semester installment of this scholarship is Rs. 18000/- Scholarship. There are around 100 BS- students who are getting benefit from this scholarship.

HEC Need Based Scholarships Program

The objective of this scholarship is to provide an opportunity for the talented students who are financially disadvantaged and are incapable of meeting higher education cost at universities in any discipline at undergraduate level.
Around, 08 students from English, Mathematics and Computer Sciences departments have achieved this scholarship

Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) Special Quota Scholarship
PEEF special quota scholarships cover the four categories:
  • Orphans
  • Children of government servants in BPS 1-4(children of both serving and retired government servants)
  • Children belonging to minority religion
  • Special children
MORA Scholarship

MORA scholarship is disbursed from the Zakat funds of the Local/ district government funds for the needy students enrolled in graduation and masters level programs. However, the amount of this scholarship is not very generous (Rs. 12000/- per annum) yet it provides a partial support to the economically disadvantage students. This scholarship is specified for Muslim students only.

Pakistan Bait-ul- Mal Scholarship (PBM)

This scholarship is offered to all the needy students studying in government institutes. However, the students’ parents or guardians must not be government employees. This scholarship is granted for one semester or years and continuation of the scholarship will remain applicable for next semester or year if the student successfully clears the existing period. If a student has failed in any subject then he will not be eligible to get Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal scholarship next time. The application must be sent to institute or committee nominated by the institute for the scholarship purpose.

UOJ Scholarship/ FEE Concession

University of Jhang has devised a scholarship policy for deserving and talented students. Sooner these internal scholarships will be implemented.

Scholarships Committee

The major function of the Scholarship Committees is to review & address financial issues of the deserving & talented students within their jurisdiction and take necessary actions. It also coordinates with the donors and guide students in applying for various scholarships.

This committee also gives recommendations to the university regarding formulation, revision/redefinition of scholarship policy. It provides details about various scholarships offered time to time.

The University has a scholarship committee which consists of the following members:

Dr. Amjad Rehman
Mr. Abdul Manan
Ms. Zoya Saqlain